Super cute little cafe that I found when searching for a place to study, major Pro: has outlets at almost every table making it super convenient for studying. The WiFi and bathroom code is on the receipt as well so you don't have to keep asking. It's relatively quiet so it's a great place to eat and study. The coffee was good and I had the chicken Thai salad that was pretty good! It was a little spicy so watch out for that if you don't like spicy but it was very refreshing and a good portion size :) the guy working the front was so nice, great neighborhood vibe with really great service and food!

Jasmine L.

I think I am in love with this cafe.  It is a great place to meet friends or sit solo and get things done. Its located on the bottom floor of an apartment complex across the street from the public market.  I've never had a problem with parking on a weekend, so that is always a plus for me! The coffee is solid and the food is pretty tasty.  All very yummy, healthy options.  Plus they have wine and beer options as well!

Kim C

I was looking for a place to study after classes, then I found this cafe. They have street parking, quiet places, they have homemade taro cheesecake and that was so good, their espresso shot has their own flavor, it's so good.

Cycie C.

My favorite neighborhood cafe. I've been coming here for 8 years. Great place or meetings or getting work done. The owner makes Thai Chicken Curry once a week and it is worth the wait. Thank you for supporting small local businesses- come to the BDC for your coffee and lunch!

Moira N.

This is my go-to coffee shop in Emeryville. The brew is quite flavorful, and the owner (Dave) is a delight! This place is more than a coffee shop — it's a community center, and the good folks that own and operate it add a ton of value to the neighborhood, so drop in, say hello & stay for a while...

Tara G.